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How to Become a Professional Conductor

How to Become a Professional Conductor

Becoming a professional in anything is going to take a lot of hard work and effort. You have to recognize your goals, become unique, find steps to work towards your goal, and work hard every day. A professional conductor especially takes time, you have to learn not just getting in sync with music itself, but learning to become in sync with the group of musicians you work with. It is going to take time, but anything takes time. As long as you consistently take steps each day, you can work towards your final goal.

Recognizing your goals

First off, you must learn how to recognize your goals and what you aspire to be. These goals can take anywhere from days to years to accomplish, so always remember to be patient. When becoming a conductor, learn ways you can become known locally first. Start conducting smaller venues at your local theater. Next, you can start to branch off. Get your name out there and make yourself known.

Becoming unique

For any job, especially in the arts, there has to be something that makes people prefer you over somebody else. Anyone can become a normal, everyday conductor. But not many can become world-renowned, now why is that? That is because those that are famous, are famous for a reason. Find what makes you different, what makes you unique, what separates you from all the other conductors out there, and that is what people will truly recognize you for.

Finding steps to achieve your goals

For any second floor, there is stairs. And each step you take brings you one step closer to the second floor. Each step you take is one step closer to your ultimate goal. The hard part is finding these steps. To generalize it, is saying that working towards tiny achievable goals can get you toward your final goal. To specify for a conductor, is saying that practice makes perfect.

Working hard every day

To become anything requires hard work and dedication. Amazing conductors weren’t amazing when they started out, in fact they were probably as clueless about it as many other people are. These amazing conductors got to where they are with the never-ending drive that kept them going until they reached their dream. You can start off with your own local ensemble, and with your individuality that you’ve recognized, and your goals aligned, you can spring off to become what some might say a musical genius.

When a conductor gets up on the stage, he is confident, he is ready, and he knows every detail that is going on behind the scenes. He takes everything he has learned in the past, and sums it up in that one moment. Every time he performs, every time he rehearses, he is learning new things. He learns what notes and measures to stress, the strengths and weaknesses of his musicians. The ultimate goal of becoming a professional conductor may seem crazy now, but with work and effort, even the most outlandish dreams can become a reality before you know it.

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